About Us

Bent Tree Innovations is a limited liability corporation (LLC) based in Castle Rock, Colorado, focusing on providing original equipment manufacture (OEM) steam bent wooden snare drum and drum set shells, as well as, stave and segment shells. Bent Tree Innovations, LLC is currently positioned to become the music industries’ preeminent steam bent percussion instrument OEM, due to the revolutionary technology used for drum shell instrument design and manufacturing.

Unlike conventional plywood drum shells, steam bent drum shells are made from a single plank of wood, which are steamed and bent into the circumference of a drum shell. This construction method, although age old, has been married with modern production technology to produce drums that are extraordinarily vibrant, extremely resonant, and structurally integral.


Mission of Bent Tree Innovations, LLC:

  • to serve the music industry by providing the finest quality steam bent drum shells, as well as stave and segment shells using the latest technology and production methods
  • to enable international and national drum companies with OEM steam bent product offerings that are sonically and economically superior to plywood instruments
  • to encourage the advancement of music industry manufacturing standards by enabling improvements in instrument design and quality production
  • to advance stewardship of our artistic responsibility to serve others by donating a portion of our proceeds to national and international children relief efforts.