Bent Tree Innovations, LLP offers an extensive selection of steam bent, stave, and segment shells in a wide variety of woods and sizes for snare drums, rack toms, floor toms and bass drums.


Maple, Birdseye Maple, Quilted Maple, Tiger Maple, Walnut, Claro Walnut, Ash, Swamp Ash, Sycamore, Catalpa, Catalpa Halfers-1/2", Beech, Birch, Osage, Orange, Olive Ash, Curly Hickory, Myrtle, Oak, Mahogany, African Mahogany, Purple Heart, Orange Cocobolo, Canary Wood, Rosewood, Bubinga, Zebrawood, Peruvian Walnut, Cherry, Wenge, Ipe, Lace Wood, Ambrosia Maple, Sinker Mahogany, Cotton Wood, Mango, Padauk, Teak, Spalted Ash, Swomp Ash, Hondoran, Mahogany, Purvian Walnut, Granadela, and Rose Myrtle.


Snare Drum: shell diameters range from 10-inches to 15-inches; shell depths range from 3.5-inches to 8-inches.

Tom Tom: shell diameters range from 8-inches to 14-inches; shell depths range from 6-inches to 14-inches.

Floor Tom: shell diameters range from 14-inches to 18-inches; shell depths range from 12-inches to 18-inches.

Bass Drum: shell diameters range from 18-inches to 26-inches; shell depths range from 14-inches to 22-inches.